The history of the Golladay family is an interesting one. It is believed that the family origin in America traces back to only one common Golladay ancestor. This patriarch is believed to be Joseph Golladay. His wife was Sybilla Kneisley. They lived in Manheim Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. By the time of the Civil War, their descendants were numerous and had spread across the nation.

During the Civil War, these descendants fought in the great armies of both North and South. In the South, Golladay's fought in Stonewall Jackson's legendary victories, in J.E.B. Stuart's gallant cavalry battles, and in Robert E. Lee's hard fighting Army of Northern Virginia. For the North, Golladay's fought in Sherman's army during the battle for Atlanta, as well as in U.S. Grant's relentless Army of the Potomac during the battles for Richmond. There was even one Golliday who sided with the fiery abolitionist John Brown in a pre-Civil War battle in Kansas.

Golladay house in Grenada. Mississippi Golladay Hall in Grenada, Mississippi
Antebellum home of George and Martha Golladay

 John H. Golladay
John H. Golladay
Stonewall Brigade, CSA

Benton and John Golladay
Thomas B. and John P. Golladay
27th Kentucky Infantry, USA

Peyton Golladay
Peyton Golladay
Danville Artillery, CSA

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