Portrait of Stonewall Brigade soldier John H. Golladay

The photo below was taken by Michael Wright of Richmond, Virginia and shows an original Civil War picture with frame that he acquired. This portrait was hand tinted with charcoal and a silver wash. The picture was produced on a canvas with a gauze backing. The portrait was sold at one time by an antique dealer in Harrisonburg, Va., who obtained the portrait from a family in that area.

Photo of soldier in Stonewall Brigade

The name John H. Golladay was written on the frame underneath the portrait. There were two Confederate soldiers named John H. Golladay and they both were in the Stonewall Brigade. This portrait is believed to be John H. Golladay from Augusta County, who fought in the 5th Virginia Infantry.

The second John H. Golladay was from Shenandoah County and served in the 33rd Virginia Infantry. He  caught typhoid fever shortly after entering the army and died from it a little over a month later. He was around eighteen years old when he died in 1862. The John H. Golladay of the 5th Virginia Infantry was seven years older than him. The portrait shows what appears to be an older man and not a teenager.

Confederate soldier John H. Golladay

Photo courtesy of Michael Wright, Richmond, Va.

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