Letter to Martha Golladay on the death of Leander Guy

Martha Golladay received this sad letter from her sister-in-law Fannie:

June 4, 1864

Dear Sister,

Some two days ago I received the sad & heartbreaking news that darling Husband was killed. I first heard through Austin Leonard that he was only wounded. He came right from there & then Jon came down & brought the other. He said A. Whitaker was sent to Atlanta, Ga. & he dispatch. I am in hopes he was mistaken & wish to ask Mr. Golladay to dispatch to Col. Balentine to know the particulars if he please, for I feel its more than I can stand.

Oh Sister, I thought that I knew what ____ was but I never knew until now. I feel that my very heart has been torn from me. I know I have lost the dearest one on earth to me, one that love me more than all the rest of the world. It is true that I have a kind brother and stepfather, but none can fill the place of that dear Husband that I once had. But he is gone. I fear I will never see him again on earth

I know it would have been bad to give him up at any time, but I think I could have been better prepared for the great shock at any other time. My only hope is gone forever. I know what is was to be happy once, but I never expect to see that time again. I had placed all my affections on my husband & little boy. I felt I could not live without them, but oh that darling one has been taken from me. I can never stand it. I would like to see you & be with you & your kind Husband, my friends you have always been & I know you will be greater ones now in my troubles.

If you can find out that my darling one is not killed but wounded let me know. I wish to get yours & Mr. G. advice about going in black, if you think I had best wait a while & if you think I can get anything, let me hear from you by Pa today. One word from you or Mr. Golladay will be consolations to me now for I can not realize that I am left alone in this lonesome world. O sister, tongue can not express my feeling now.

yours affectionately.

Note: periods and paragraph breaks have been added to the above letter for readability. However, they were not in the original letter.

Leander R. Guy
15th Mississippi Infantry

CSA flag

Killed defending Atlanta during Sherman's Campaign in 1864

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