Davidella Golladay's trip to the state fair 

Jackson Oct.19th 1859

My Dear Papa & Mama,

I have just returned from the fair. We all went down this morning and spent the day. I saw more strange faces than I ever saw before. Kate introduced me to so many that I do not now know one from the other.

I met with Mr. Hugh McSwine And Mr. Elex Whittier at the fair. We got up in this mornings train. I met them all at the depot waiting for me. Granma said she did not look for me much, but thought she would come and see.

As we were coming from the depot, an engine came very near running over us. There were so many tracks that we did not know which one was on. We all had to run right through a small hole to get out of the way.

Mrs. Sterling and Mrs. Snider got off at the lower depot and Mary Gillespie and myself came on up to the upper depot. There was a Mrs. Bawls from Memphis got on the cars at Grand Junction (1) and came on with us. She is staying with Aunt Ann. I parted with Uncle Sam at the junction . He promised me that he would be back in December. He told me to be certain and tell you that Uncle met us at Coffeeville depot to bid us goodbye. He was dressed out and out in a new suit of clothes and new cloak.

Mary Gillespie staid all night here last night. She is distressed to death she is so homesick. She says she cannot go to her Aunt in Desoto, so she wants to go home so bad.

Papa you were not smart – Granma & Joe got a through ticket for six dollars and a half. They charge half price for persons coming to the fair, so Joe & Granma come & go for the same that I do. So they saved twelve dollars.

I am so lonesome this evening that I do not know what to do. Kate has gone out visiting. She left without telling me anything about it. Aunt Ann bought her a fine cloak and a beautiful flannel silk. She spent 5-00 $ while she was in Memphis. If you see Mr. Sterling, do tell him to come up for Mrs. Sterling for I am so anxious to get back home. Joe is so homesick he wants to go back tonight. Granma & myself will be certain to be back Monday if not sooner. Home is the greatest place after all.

The family we are going to give a large party tomorrow night and Kate is on her head to get a dress made up. Tell George we had a opossum for dinner today at the fair and it was very nice.

Aunt Ann does much better than I expected. She is very kind to me. She wants to make me drink brand today all day to keep me from getting sick. She is waiting for me now to walk. I do not expect you can read my letter. Tell George & Sammie (that) Sallie & Annie both told me to give their love to them. They are mighty nice little girls. Kiss the baby for me. Uncle Sam was talking about him all the way.

Both of you write to me and let me hear from home,


(1) This refers to Grand Junction in Tennessee where the Memphis & Charleston and the Mississippi Central railroads crossed in that era.

Original letter in Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Note: paragraph breaks and punctuation has been added to the above letter for readability. However, they were not in the original letter

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