Revolutionary War soldier Major David Golladay 

Major David Golladay

Private collection, image courtesy Sumpter Priddy III, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

The back of this portrait has a label that identifies David Golladay. It also has the label of a 1970's antiques dealer named George Schoelkopf of New York.

David Golladay was an American patriot who fought in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia militia under George Washington. He was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia in 1759. He enlisted in 1777 when he was around 18 years old. He remained in the militia after the war ended in 1783. David rose through the ranks and become a Major in Virginia militia in the County of Shenandoah on 15 March 1793.

After the war, David married Rebecca Hockman on 28 June 1785. Sometime after 1801, David and his family moved to Augusta County, Virginia. David was prosperous and owned mills on the North River. Around 1809, David and his wife Rebecca had a house built that still exists today.

House of David and Rebecca Golladay

House where David and Rebecca Golladay
lived in Augusta County, Virginia

Currently, the only information about David that has been told by one of his descendants was written by May Hill Arbuthnot. She documented David’s family history in 1947 from notes written by her mother Mary Elizabeth Seville Hill. Her mother told what she had learned from David’s granddaughter’s Mary and Martha Golladay. This history tells that David knew Thomas Jefferson, who visited the Golladay household several times. This story needs to be verified. If true, these visits may have occured when David operated a tavern out of his house in Woodstock in Shenandoah County in the 1790's. The Shenandoah County courthouse was designed by Thomas Jefferson and built in 1795. David's house on Main Street was near the courthouse.

David is buried in a cemetery plot near his house toward the North River.

Grave of David Golladay

I am trying to learn how the above portrait of David was passed down through the family and then entered the marketplace. It likely was sold in an estate sale. If you have any knowledge of this portrait or have any additional information such as family history or letters regarding David Golladay or his family, please send me e-mail message to:

Bill Golladay

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