Information about the web site for Golladay & Golliday families

This intent of this site to identify every Golladay and Golliday family at the time of the Civil War and tell their story. This will include the husbands and children of Golladay women at the time of the Civil War, as well as any other folks with close ties to the family of that era.

The 1860 census will be the focal point for identifying every family member:

Golladay's & Golliday's in the 1860 Census

Some of Golladay descendants use the Golliday spelling of the family name. Some of the early Golladay's could not read or write, so government officials had to spell their name for them as best they could. In other cases there were families who knew their name should have been spelled as Golladay, but accepted the Golliday spelling change by local officials. Once their name was recorded as Golliday in government documents such as deeds or military papers, these families wanted to avoid legal problems that could have occurred if they reverted back to Golladay.

This site was first developed in July 2004. It is a work in progress. There is still a lot of information to be uncovered. Since my travels have been mostly in the South, my research into the Golladay families in the Midwest has been limited. But over time, the hope is to fill in these gaps and complete this era of the family history. While this site is substantially accurate, occasionally corrections are made.

On July 01, 2014, I acquired the domain  Previously this site was on web space provided by my Internet Service Provider. The new site will allow me to expand without the limitations that I had in the past.

This site was developed and is maintained by Bill Golladay of Warner Robins, Georgia. If you have any comments, questions, or can provide additional information, please send me an e-mail.

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