On the Verge of War 

The Golladay and Golliday families in the 1860 Census

By the start of the Civil War, the largest number of Golladay's was still in Virginia. But many family members had moved out of Virginia as part of the nation's westward expansion for new land, primarily to Midwestern states. As a result of this migration, the Golladay families in the South fought against their Golladay cousins in the Midwest, who supported the Union.

"My whole heart is sick and my whole head is faint at the recitals and afflictions of the disturbance of this country and my family."

- George Shall Golladay on 03 January 1861

It would appear that most Golladay's in the South were in favor of keeping the Union.. In Mississippi, even though Robert H. Golladay was a Democrat, he was affiliated with unionists in the early 1850's. In Tennessee, Edward Isaac Golladay was elected as a presidential elector for the Union party in 1860. In Augusta County, Virginia, Jonathan Golladay was one of the names listed on a petition signed by a number of prominent citizens in an effort to mobilize in the South in order to save the Union after the election of Abraham Lincoln. However, once the battle lines were drawn in 1861, the Golladay family in the South fought to defend their homeland.

Golladay's & Golliday's in 1860 Census

The links below show households from the census listings that have at least one Golladay in the household. If a married woman's maiden name was Golladay or Golliday, an effort has been made to include her household as well. If a Golladay family or person was not found in the census, their name has been added to the location where they most likely lived and they are flagged as "Missing from census".

  1. Virginia- Augusta County

  2. Virginia- Rockbridge County

  3. Virginia- Rockingham County

  4. Virginia- Shenandoah County

  5. Illinois

  6. Indiana

  7. Iowa

  8. Kansas

  9. Kentucky

  10. Michigan

  11. Mississippi

  12. Missouri

  13. Ohio

  14. Tennessee

  15. West Virginia

  16. Wisconsin

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